I have enjoyed Gerry Brooks videos for some years…. decided to make a few of my own….

Weeds and culture

I have a weed in my flower beds. Everywhere actually. It is green, and could be considered a grown cover of some sort. It isn’t ugly per se, doesn’t have goat heads, or anything noticably bad. But it does strangle eveything else, not enough to kill it, just enough to stunt its growth at this time. I always seem to put off removing it, because it is a daunting task. When we moved into our house in April, there were a few areas that were bare… no weeds, plants or anything…. in one planter, I planted a miniature rose plants, and below it, creeping myrtle. The plants were not dead, which is a plus for me, but they were getting covered by this weed. I decided yesterday was the time to tackle it. As I gently moved the good plants leaves, I was able to get under it, and pretty easily removed the weed…the more of the weed that I removed, the easier it was to remove them. Knowing that this evil weed likes to leave its seed everywhere, I also had to be proactive, and sprinkle preen all over the place.

As I did this, I realized that this weed is also like culture. You can plant seeds of hope, and start with a beautiful garden, but then the weeds come in, and begin to stunt the growth of the plants. You can ignore it, but it continues to grow and will eventually kill the good plants. Or you can dilifgently begin to remove the weeds at the root. It is unpleasant at first, but once gone, it is beautiful again. However, to keep the negative culture away, you have to cultivate and invest in the existing plants…. and be diligent to remove the weeds if the reemerge….and if you leave even a tiny bit, they will re emerge..

Wisdom, joy, and a math teacher.

Before I call out, God hears my prayers. long before I became a believer, God called me. He knew the plans He had for Me, even before my birth. He knew the children I would have and the mistakes I would make and He decided He would love Me anyway.

Thank you Jesus for Your love – you have given me so much to be thankful for. You have changed my life, You have answered my prayers. Even those I have yet to ask.

  • Miranda and Deven, Lord, you called me long before I had a clue. Thank you Father for calling them as well. Even though they don’t know they need you.
  • This school year. We desire it go smooth and that is what our hearts and Minds ask , but Valley Life is Yours . Thank you for opening doors and shutting doors. Lead us Father. Show us how to change the world with these children. Love the grown ups through us. Give us wisdom and abundant joy. And a math teacher.