We are called to bless those that curse us. No doubt there are many that curse me. Being the people pleaser I am, I never thought I would be in the place in which I would have to make decisions that would make others hate me.

I know that I need to do the things I need to do… but they are hard. I also know if it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t be the right person. Father, I pray that you would go before me. Fill me with your wisdom and discernment. Bless those that curse me. Yet at the same time, fill me with your peace.

Self righteousness


The author of today’s reading shares this, There is so much irony in self-righteousness because it is exactly the self-righteous who don’t think they have a problem. That’s why it can be a toxic sin, one that creeps into our lives without our awareness. Today, I find it most apparent in my marriage. When I’m having a bad day, God forbid my husband sneeze too loudly, miss a button on his shirt, or accidentally leave the stove on. I’m quick to point out or dwell on his minor flaws while ignoring the far bigger issue: my critical spirit.” (Claire Gibson) #shereadstruth #hospitality

I am also guilty of this. Forgive me father.