He will

God will fight my battles, He will go before me…  (#shereadstruth #advent2016 #day16)

I dont need to understand, just to trust…


Undeserved Grace


#SheReadsTruth #SRTLent

Today’s reading was on the parable of the lost son. My heart jumped with joy for a moment, as I read bout the father running out to the lost son.  I pray I will be able to do that with my children.  I can identify with the Father, in the desire to give to my children. I can also understand the heart ache when they are away,and the abundance of joy when they return.  

Lord Jesus, draw their hearts back to you, that they would receive your joy for eternity.



God always amazes me.  In Ephesians, He says that he gives us his spirit of wisdom and revelation, that we would know him better.  I have prayed for God’s wisdom most of my adult life. 

He gives us the eyes of his heart so that we may be enlightened and know the hope we are called to.

He has given us the same power and strength he used to raise Christ from the dead. 

God opened my blind eyes, in the midst of full rebellion…..I chose to ignore him at times, but He was always there.  He can do this for other non-believers.

Thank you Jesus!