Runtastic PRO Turkey Trot 2018

Lori just finished a Runtastic run of 2.99 mi in 32m 46s

Actually, my time was the fastest yet!!

Runtastic PRO


Lori just finished a Runtastic treadmill training of 4.3 mi in 53m 10s

Training for another half

It has been a while since I have done a race of any kind. Last year, I only did a 2 mile hike. I need to have a goal in order to continue to focus on my health.

I plan on doing the End of the trail again this year. Will also find a 5 k and 10 k between now and February 24th.

Food wise, I want to be clean, leaning more towards paleo, or whole 30ish with some cheating.

This is my starting stats…

I am mainly running, Piyo, and some cross training. I have limed how Piyo makes me feel, and has helped with fat loss.