Wisdom, joy, and a math teacher.

Before I call out, God hears my prayers. long before I became a believer, God called me. He knew the plans He had for Me, even before my birth. He knew the children I would have and the mistakes I would make and He decided He would love Me anyway.

Thank you Jesus for Your love – you have given me so much to be thankful for. You have changed my life, You have answered my prayers. Even those I have yet to ask.

  • Miranda and Deven, Lord, you called me long before I had a clue. Thank you Father for calling them as well. Even though they don’t know they need you.
  • This school year. We desire it go smooth and that is what our hearts and Minds ask , but Valley Life is Yours . Thank you for opening doors and shutting doors. Lead us Father. Show us how to change the world with these children. Love the grown ups through us. Give us wisdom and abundant joy. And a math teacher.

Sometimes, life is…

Sometimes, life is a breeze, we sail right through things. It is easy to have joy, and smile. Other times, life sucks the wind right out of you.  And then there are times, when you not really in one place or the other. Just tired, going through the motions, not really anything.  I tend to be more reflective in times like this.

I created this this picture verse collage, after reading Jesus Always, last week.  I have a dear family, that I love, whose 25 year older daughter took her on life on the 12th. So very hard to wrap my mind around this.  Lord, please touch them. Please love them. Please give me the words when I visit with them this week.  Thank you for my children, and grandchildren.  B0C44755-10C0-43AE-810B-39B29E9A72A7.JPG

Jesus Always

Dec 6th   Trust in God, especially when you feel anxious or fearful.  Quote scripture….(Lift others up in prayer)  

Interrupt  negative thoughts by connecting with God. 

Thank You, Father, for your spirit, for loving me, especially when I feel un cared for by significant people in my life. 
You are indeed a good good father.

November 7, 2017

I woke  up with a heavy heart this morning. Spent most of my night, dreaming about water rights.  someone across the ditch thought  they had them, and a quad in the shed. I showed my mom that “he” was going to take the quad. He wasnt supposed to, so I confronted him. I was threatened.  He threatened to stab me in the chest, if I tried  to stop him. He left, and I did what was right anyway, I turned the water back on, just didnt use enough pressure to make the little whirlpool thing.  – Fast forward to this morning, when I had to go investigate the water shares at the water company .  I got there just prior to closing, but they let me look into the microphish file anyway. I found 5 or 6 amazing finds, video recordings of us as kids. except we were at the hospital, and Richard was reading and videotaping his last will and testament. (That didnt happen in real life…nd in real life, . Lisa and Tony werent there.)   then the alarm went off… I woke up, asking God to lead me, what am I supposed to do?   The still small voice said, “Always be gentle and kind”.  That has been my mantra this year, although I desparately fail so often.  

This was the devotional in Jesus Always:

I need to be mindful of how God works this out; to be diligent and do the work, but not allow it too much space in my head. 

The work at hand

Sometimes, my position is so difficult.  I dont even have words to express the turmoil I feel.  Both at home and with certain employees.  But, I will be thankful, because I know that God is somehow going to use this.  I know that I need to lovingly confront issues as they arise, otherwise our culture will errode.  Father, please be with me today.  Lead me to say what you will.  Direct me.