5 Habits

By Nicki Koziarz (2016)

There are some great quotes in this book…

Anytime we something that has the potential for opposition, it is always a time for God to reveal himself. (Pg 11)

Pg 12

When we walk through difficult situations, our natural instinct is to flee to the familiar.

Pg. 13

Victory is often found in the most unfamiliar and uncomfortable places

As I started reading this book, I was on the treadmill. The author starts with a story about her husband getting ready to do a fundraiser for an African missions trip.. (Hey!! I want to go to Africa!!) She shared that he accused her of not being someone he could rely on, because she was busy with Mom stuff on Sat., and didn’t tell him she would help. Of course, I was quite smug when I read this, I tend to keep my commitments, and follow through when I say I will do something. And then, guess what happened? Here I am, trying to get my steps in so I can go make this gourmet dinner for Craig, and he happily comes in, gives me a kiss (which can be quite dangerous while on the tradmill), and asks if I am ready to go get the tractor…..

huh? It is raining outside….it is 6 pm…. I had a crappy day…. instead of saying any of that, I smiled and said SURE!! LETS GO!

I am thankful that I had picked this book up, when I did…. wonder what other gems I will find hidden in the pages?