Another great book

This is just an excerpt, as it is a 14 day reading plan from Christine Caines book Unexpected. It is comforting, and convicting at the same time. Lord, please give me your contentedness.


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
John 1:5 NIV

Live in the light.

Invite others to the the light.

Give through the power of the light.

Hope in the light of Jesus.

Thank you Lord, for your light, that shines in the darkness.

Weak faith

Sometimes my faith is so weak. I dont understand why I can allow circumstances in life to get me down.

Lord, Why do I worry so when you alone have done all of the good through me? I look at my past and I know that I know, that I know, .that you alone have placed me in the position I am in. To go from a rebellious pregnant teenager, to an unhealthy marraige for 12 years (and we were both unhealthy, not just him, and not just me), that included drugs, and deceit…saving me through the blood of Jesus, …to a single mom…who still had rebellion in her heart….. working 3 jobs to make ends meet, falling in love, with the person who wasnt meant to be my husband, heart ache, going back to school at the age of 30…. to my first teaching job, without a degree, without a teaching credential.

You aligned the stars when you brought Missy and I together, someone who is tenacious and would fight for me. Giving me a job the I loved at IS. Providing the financial means for me to take the admin test, and gifting me with the words to pass it….

Bringing me a husband that you chose for me…. one that would challenge me, and make me crazy, one that loves you…. one that would encourage me to seek you….

To finishing my masters and my PPS credential. Losing the job I loved so much…. to having the words to write a charter…. and opening a school to Glorify you….being si close to finishing my doctorate…. thank you for your hand on my life Lord. You have been faithful even when I have not been. Here I sit in fear, because there are people that hate me. But YOU are stronger than hate. You are faithful and will see me through. Thank you for bringing others along for this crazy journey.

Sometimes it is hard

Life isnt always perfect. Sometimes we have set backs. Sometimes, we , or I feel as though my professional life and my home life couldnt be more different.

I need to serve notice on sin.

I need to let go…I am hurt…I acknowledge the hurt I feel, even if my husband wont acknowledge it. I need to let go of the hurt I feel…. and the sin that caused it… even though I dont feel heard. I need to leave it to Jesus.