Elevate Jesus

Thank You Jesus for your still small voice….

He must become great, I must become less.
John 3:30 NIV

When I was twelve years old I gave my life to Jesus. I remember the transformation that took place – all of the anxiety and pressure built up in those years left me, and in its place came peace and wellbeing.

I then had the realization that my life wasn’t about me anymore. It wasn’t solely about becoming successful or being better than others. I knew then I was made to live for Jesus’ purpose.

When I feel overwhelmed and downcast I tend to look inwards to myself, trying to find something to make me look better, be better, and act better. I think this happens to all of us – we look to ourselves and become a recluse when “life” happens.

Let me encourage you today – Jesus is there with you in the dark times just as much as in the good times of life. I’ve learned that during these times in life you just have to look to Jesus, and not to yourself.

Take some time today to look and see where you can elevate Jesus above your situation, whether it is good or bad.

by @willpat


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