The burden is light

I just finished day 18 of the @YouVersion Plan 30DaysOfBibleLettering – Round 4 . Check it out here:

This is a good, easy devotional. I like writing the scriptures by hand, but have found that I am really not very good at it.

Todays devo is from Matt 11:30,

I often wake up with a heavy heart. I asked myself this morning, why do I often feel so burdened, as though I am carrying more than I can bear, that still, small, voice, reminded me that I often borrow trouble from tommorrow, instead of being thankful for today.

Today will be a long one, work, PD, volunteer training, parent group meeting…. I feel pulled from many sides. I often feel as though many people don’t think I am capable…. funny thing is, I am not. But with God, I can do all things….

I can… go for a run, eat healthy, be present, smile at kids, enjoy our staff, be thankful, offer grace….be present.

Jesus asks us simply to love, to be a light in a dark world…today, I will let Him work in me… (and continue to pray for a quiet and gentle spirit.)


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