I think I have been spending too much time focusing on my own feelings. I am sad. I am lonely, I am scared. I see so many injustices in our world, and for a brief minute, understand the verse that God says He will cut our suffering short. Then, I immediately fear, that life the way we know it is about to end, and am scared, which doeesnt help my previous feelings at all. Maybe I am missing the big picture. Actually, there is no “maybe”, I know I am missing the big picture. I want my sadness and loneliness to go away. I want the Joy of the Lord to be my strength. I want to love Jesus above all. I desire to feel HIS presence. I want my children, family, friends, and neighbors to know Jesus. I want my husband to love me. I want to show my husband that I love him. I dont want the weight of all of our problems to be on my shoulder. Lord Jesus, I need you, because I know that you placed me where I am. Even after all of my sin, you have lifted me up.


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