Wisdom, joy, and a math teacher.

Before I call out, God hears my prayers. long before I became a believer, God called me. He knew the plans He had for Me, even before my birth. He knew the children I would have and the mistakes I would make and He decided He would love Me anyway.

Thank you Jesus for Your love – you have given me so much to be thankful for. You have changed my life, You have answered my prayers. Even those I have yet to ask.

  • Miranda and Deven, Lord, you called me long before I had a clue. Thank you Father for calling them as well. Even though they don’t know they need you.
  • This school year. We desire it go smooth and that is what our hearts and Minds ask , but Valley Life is Yours . Thank you for opening doors and shutting doors. Lead us Father. Show us how to change the world with these children. Love the grown ups through us. Give us wisdom and abundant joy. And a math teacher.


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