Leadership and appreciation

Leadership Matters, By Lee J. Colan Ph.D (2012),

  • A new product may get you in the game, but extraordinary teams will build the wall that keeps competion away.
  • Inspiring leadership is linked to higher employee engagement and productivity
  • Apprecistion is a fundamrntal need
  • Showing appreciation takes priority and action
  • Need to show 3 acts of appreciation for every negative act.
  • Catch people doing something right
  • Be specific and clear in showing others appreciation
  • Say thank you
  • Write a note or card

 Ways that I can be intentional and mindfully appreciate people… 

  • Grade level.lunch.  once per week, bring lunch to a grade level team. 
  • Print more thoughtful saying cards and mail them out …. we all need a 500 budget…
  • Schedule things in… 

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