There are times I compromise integrity by not saying it all.  Not white lies, but not verbalising how I feel.  Sometimes it is easier to ignore than to confront. 

“Compromising Our Integrity”
Choosing anything but God’s truth leads us to compromise our integrity. It doesn’t matter how small the compromise is, it still wounds our heart of integrity. Here’s the problem- compromise leads to justification, and justification leads to confusion. What was black and white blurs to gray, and we justify why God’s truth doesn’t need to be our guide in every situation.

Our words are one of the easiest things to compromise. With our words, we exaggerate the truth, gossip, tell white lies, and over-promise. And then the justifications start. A white lie isn’t really a lie, right? And besides, it’s better than hurting someone’s feelings. What’s the big deal if no one is getting hurt? Black and white is turning to gray.
We can also compromise our actions. We take something small without permission, don’t clock out for lunch, or take credit for something that we didn’t do. Then we start to justify. We didn’t get as much credit as we deserved last time so… it’s ok. They won’t notice one being gone, they can afford it. Black and white is turning to gray.

With every excuse, compromise, and justification, God’s truth is distorted and its position in our life adjusted. God looks at our heart, not the size of the compromise. There are no gray areas for His truth that is black and white.
Compromise can seem easier in the moment, but God’s truth is really what brings life. When our words and actions line up with what we believe, or say we believe, we spend less time and energy questioning ourselves and worrying if others will find out. Compromise and justification cloud the truth of God’s desire for your life. Choose truth even when it’s inconvenient and hard.


Results from the attitude test…..

Aspect of Attitude


1 = Strongly Disagree5 = Strongly Agree



I always take a positive view of any situation I am in.



I consistently check myself to ensure I am focusing on the positive aspects of life.



I rigorously monitor input from media and other people to ensure it is positive.


Thoughts subtotal =


Aspect of Attitude


1 = Strongly Disagree5 = Strongly Agree



I use positive words, regardless of how I feel, in conversations with others and with myself.



I never use phrases like: “I can’t,” “only if,” “I don’t have time,” “I doubt it” or “it’s impossible.”



I expect the best in people and situations when I ask questions.


Words subtotal =


Aspect of Attitude


1 = Strongly Disagree5 = Strongly Agree



When I have a need, I consistently help others meet their needs first.



I look for things for which I am grateful, even during times of adversity.



I have close, trusted relationships with people who help me be my best, even if they have to give me constructive feedback.


Action subtotal =


Total Orchestrating Attitude Score =


Background and Results

There are three aspects of attitude that work in concert:  thoughts, words and actions.  By orchestrating each aspect with conscious responses, we positively influence our beliefs, commitments and results.

Orchestrate your …  

to positively influence …

Thoughts Beliefs
Words Commitments
Actions Results

The script plays out like this:

  • Thoughts, the way we choose to interpret our world, directly influence our beliefs.

  • Beliefs directly influence the words we choose to speak to others, and more importantly, to ourselves.

  • Words reflect our commitments to ourselves and others.

  • Commitments influence our choice of actions.

  • Finally, our actions directly influence the results we achieve.

This script is self-reinforcing, for better or for worse.  The results we achieve reinforce our thoughts and the same script is played out again.  So, it all starts with our thoughts.  Our thoughts today influence our results tomorrow.

The left side of the script is the side of choice.  Each of us chooses our thoughts, words and actions either consciously or subconsciously.  Therefore, we influence the right side of the script – the side of responsibility.  We must take responsibility for our beliefs, commitments and results.  We are each responsible for the choices we make and the results we ultimately achieve.  The ultimate choice is ours – victim or victor?

Orchestrating attitude creates a beautiful human symphony.  The result is a person of integrity who gets the best from himself and others.

Here is how to interpret your total Orchestrating Attitude score: 

  • 40 – 45 – You are doing a masterful job of orchestrating your attitude!  As a result, you are likely getting the best from yourself and others.  Keep focused and keep learning about yourself (and others).  Read or re-read Orchestrating Attitude to see if you can improve, even just a little bit, in one of the three aspects of attitude. Remember to apply the two powerful, yet underutilized strategies for controlling your mental input:  read/listen to books and practice visualization.

  • 32 – 39 –  You are doing a good job of orchestrating attitude, but you also have lots of potential for positive impact that is going untapped.  Focus on the aspect of attitude on which you scored lowest (thoughts, words or actions).   Check out Orchestrating Attitude for simple “instruments” to practice this aspect of attitude.

  • Below 32 –  Start today to create a better tomorrow for yourself.  The journey starts with YOU.  Begin by checking your focus.  Do you tend to look at the negative side of situations?  If you find yourself having a negative thought, say “STOP!” out loudand replace it with a positive thought.  Saying “STOP!” out loud is important so that you can actually hear yourself controlling your own thinking.

    Think the best ALL the time.  What’s the harm?  If you choose to protect yourself from disappointment by always thinking the worst, you have also chosen disappointment as the filter through which you view all things and people…and that’s just what you will get.  On the other hand, you can choose to think the best all the time.  Sure, you might be disappointed occasionally but, most of the time, you will be programming your mind and others to achieve their best!

The Power of One

Getting the best from yourself and others all starts with…

             One Thought
                                    One Word
                                                        One Action.

“One” is the first note in orchestrating your attitude.  Contrary to the lyrics from a classic rock song, one is not the loneliest number.  It’s the most important one!

Many people used to feel that one vote in an election couldn’t really make a difference.  Well, recent Presidential elections that have been decided by razor thin margins have proven them wrong.  A single act does make a difference… it creates a ripple effect that can be felt many miles and people away.

Consider the story of a young girl named Grace who was on vacation with her family in Marco Island, Florida.  She was playing along the beach looking for seashells when she noticed many, many starfish washed up onto the beach.  She quickly started to pick them up carefully walk them out past the breaking waves and placed them gingerly back into the Gulf of Mexico.  On her second trip back to the beach her father asked, “Hey Grace, what are you doing over there?”  She replied, “Dad, I am trying to save all of the starfish”.   Her dad chuckled as he tried not to spoil his daughter’s innocence, “That’s very nice sweetie, but you will never save all of them.  You won’t really make a difference.”  As Grace gently placed another starfish back into the water, she responded without missing a beat, “Dad, I just made a difference to that one!”  Her dad chuckled again, realizing this time that Grace’s naiveté was really wisdom. 

One small act does make a difference.  Your thoughts, words and actions are like individual notes that work in concert to create the power of one person – YOU – to make a difference.  You can harness your power of one if you simply:

  • Catch one negative thought and turn it into a positive one,

  • Think of one thing for which you are grateful at the beginning
    of each day,

  • Say one “Fantastic!” when a friend asks how you are doing,

  • Assume the best in one upcoming situation,

  • Keep on moving when you experience adversity,

  • Help a friend or colleague during a time when you need help.

For practical tips and real-life inspiration that will help you get the best from yourself and others, check out the book, Orchestrating Attitude and its companion resources.

If you would like help in reinforcing the Orchestrating Attitude message with your team, please contact 

Heavan and hell 

Visalia First
June 24, 2017
06/25/2017 Visalia First: The Elephant in the Room Part 7
By: Mike D. Robertson
Lead Pastors | Mike & Karen Robertson



A Place Prepared For TRUE BELIEVERS
Bell, Rob
love wins -says everyone ends up in heaven.
John Lennon. Imagine – Atheist anthem. . Based on hinduism ) 7 degrees below, 6 degrees above – Karma – Reincarnation

People don’t believe there is a hell.
Turn off the sounds of popular entities and see what Jesus says!

Draw Miranda and Deven to you. Draw my dad t Kathy.

Roml everyone is wlout an excuse
(1st heaven)

2nd-where denomicforas live
3rd. not permuted to tell us what he Saw because it was so amazing

3 heavens


luke 16.’ 19-31
Lord Jesus, Send your spirit to Miranda and Deven . Father, finish the work you started, that our family will be saved from hell!
matt 25 -was prepared for the devil t his angels- not for us.
Is. -last 3 verses – describes new earth + new heaven.

next thing to happen is tribulation then we live in the new heaven + new earth. Lamb and Lion
Isaiah 66 Our decadents will endure . We Will be able to look into hell- We dont want to see those we love


A Place Of PEACE
something better than heaven- Jesus.


multiply pain by 100 times . Forever. you can never leave it. Bible doesn’t support another Chance.


lord Jesus, please continue to change me through your spirit . Thankyou for planting seeds in my family. Be with them- always. I know you want my children to love you more than I do. I give them to you, even though it Scares me. Save them. Save Tony save Dad save Kathie -save alex & Sarah. josiah Kymberly Ayden Sonja Troy Adam



Matthew 7:13-14 NLT
“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.

Luke 16:19-31 MSG
“There once was a rich man, expensively dressed in the latest fashions, wasting his days in conspicuous consumption. A poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, had been dumped on his doorstep. All he lived for was to get a meal from scraps off the rich man’s table. His best friends were the dogs who came and licked his sores. “Then he died, this poor man, and was taken up by the angels to the lap of Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell and in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham in the distance and Lazarus in his lap. He called out, ‘Father Abraham, mercy! Have mercy! Send Lazarus to dip his finger in water to cool my tongue. I’m in agony in this fire.’ “But Abraham said, ‘Child, remember that in your lifetime you got the good things and Lazarus the bad things. It’s not like that here. Here he’s consoled and you’re tormented. Besides, in all these matters there is a huge chasm set between us so that no one can go from us to you even if he wanted to, nor can anyone cross over from you to us.’ “The rich man said, ‘Then let me ask you, Father: Send him to the house of my father where I have five brothers, so he can tell them the score and warn them so they won’t end up here in this place of torment.’ “Abraham answered, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets to tell them the score. Let them listen to them.’ “‘I know, Father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but they’re not listening. If someone came back to them from the dead, they would change their ways.’ “Abraham replied, ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the Prophets, they’re not going to be convinced by someone who rises from the dead.’”


I thought of you when I read this quote from “The Esther Anointing: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Courage, and Influence” by Michelle McClain-Walters –

“The anointing of Esther is one of courage and righteous boldness exercised with great wisdom to confront injustice and deliver a generation from destruction. Modern-day Esthers will have a humble, grace-filled, teachable spirit acquired through submitting to the process of the Lord. Many of the modern-day Esthers have been in places of obscurity, seemingly hidden and forgotten by God. But suddenly they will be taken out of the comfort zone of life and placed in positions where they have to speak a new language, learn a new culture, and overcome gender prejudice.”

Start reading this book for free:

Leadership and appreciation

Leadership Matters, By Lee J. Colan Ph.D (2012),

  • A new product may get you in the game, but extraordinary teams will build the wall that keeps competion away.
  • Inspiring leadership is linked to higher employee engagement and productivity
  • Apprecistion is a fundamrntal need
  • Showing appreciation takes priority and action
  • Need to show 3 acts of appreciation for every negative act.
  • Catch people doing something right
  • Be specific and clear in showing others appreciation
  • Say thank you
  • Write a note or card

 Ways that I can be intentional and mindfully appreciate people… 

  • Grade level.lunch.  once per week, bring lunch to a grade level team. 
  • Print more thoughtful saying cards and mail them out …. we all need a 500 budget…
  • Schedule things in… 

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
Colossians 4:2‭-‬6 NIV
Heavenly father I don’t understand why at times we get ourselves in the predicaments that were in I don’t understand why there’s so many on staff that have issues with me other than being the boss Lord I want to honor you I want to glorify you I want others to know you and in order for that to happen father please find the enemy Lord that I can continue going on give me your hope in your encouragement who build me up I need you to go before me

DC Day 1 

I arrived on Saturday. Although I felt I worked more on my prospectus, and the LCAP, I did get to take in some sights as well. 

Arlington cemetery, amazingly peaceful peice of history.  The changing of the guard was full of ceremony. It makes one wonder why they carry on this tradition.  

Kennedy’s plot