Intentional conversations 


Long journeys by foot are tiring, and a glass of water is the best refreshment one can seek. On one such arduous journey Jesus passes through Samaria and there is a powerful encounter and a conversation. This episode is a most common point of reference for personal evangelism and as we look at the conversation unfolding, we gain awareness that Jesus was intentional in having the conversation and yet the conversation was naturally deep.  Its noon and the Samaritan woman chooses this certain hour every day to avoid the usual banter because of her low status in her society to draw water from Jacob’s well. And then this one conversation with Jesus changed her life.

Jesus asks her ‘Will you give me a drink?’ a simple question asked by Jesus soon leads to a deeper reflective question asked by her ‘where can you get this living water?’  and slowly as the conversation progresses Jesus exposes her sinful life and yet at the same-time reveals that He is the messiah and soon the woman whose life was awful gains awareness of her own life and is spiritually refreshed repenting of her sins (Ver 39), leaving her water jar she runs towards her village to tell the story of her encounter with the Messiah. The passerby-by journey soon turns out to be a two night town stay and this one encounter lead to several encounters and conversations. 

What are we offering in essence to our people? Are our conversations helping people reflect and gain awareness about themselves? Is it deep enough? Coaching is an amazing relationship that helps people to gain awareness about themselves and gives them clarity to know what to do next and take action to move towards their goals. Sometimes our focus is on the issue at hand and we so easily point to our people their ‘areas of improvement’. But learning from our Master we realize helping people gain awareness facilitates them to take ownership and action and that’s powerful because they change and start to help others change as well.  It’s in these natural conversations that people get to know about us – our belief and intentions and slowly that leads them to open-up and think about what they need to do. Leading them to lead themselves.
Prayer: Father, lead my conversations today dear Holy Spirit I’m listening. Amen 

From the bible ap devotional 

Lord, help me to be intentional and encouraging in all conversations today. People hear tidbits of anything I say and can so easily turn it around.  

I know I make people laugh with my snarkiness at times, but Jesus, I want to be sincere and kind, and help others grow.  Sometimes, it feels as though there are too many against me.  Lead me.  Love through me… peace that passes all understanding.   


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