Developing a team

‘Follow me’ those two words built a great team of fisherman of a different kind. Building teams is a lengthy, straining and complex process, yet we see Jesus building a team that was equipped, empowered and effective. He invested His time with them kindling thoughts that would slowly change their perspectives, they witnessed many miracles, they were given authority to drive out demons and heal the sick, instructed on how to go about with their mission and the cost of following him (Matthew 10). 
They were given on-the-job demonstrations on teaching to laypeople with parables, on healing and miracles, on dealing with Pharisees and Sadducees. And after all these they had a question, a question that was power-centric – ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”. Have you ever wondered – ‘What would have Jesus felt?’ Just to draw a parallel with workplace, we too have teams we lead formally or informally and our intention and investment is to help them deliver, develop and demonstrate value. We spend time with them hearing their concerns, demonstrating ‘how to do things’, hand-holding them during their first few steps of acquiring the skill or acumen and show them how results matter and then all of a sudden at a team huddle you are asked by a core member –‘Who is the greatest in our team?’ How would you react? 
Jesus responded back by pointing to a child to show them that humility was the pathway to greatness. On careful observation we discover few things – Jesus was always available for his core-team, he built a special relationship with them – the time he spent with them gives us a reflection of his desire to develop his people and yet he knew that these band of followers were ‘leaders in the making’ and he patiently showed them the way and the process of a perspective change did become a reality.  He created a space with them that they who addressed him ‘Lord, Teacher and Master’ could ask him anything. Emulating the way of the LORD at our workplace is sure to show us how we can build a great coaching relationship with our teams by being extremely patient, available and seeking the best for our people and the process helps people mature and reflect and thus bringing about a positive transformation that’s truly deep.


Prayer: Father, help me be constantly reminded that I’m here because you want to be here, here for people. Amen!

Jesus was intentional about who he had on his team, yet he had one that betrayed him.  I am not sure how to reconcile that with certain members on my team. Especially when firing them may result in a law suit.  Lord, lead me.   


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