Sometimes, life is…

Sometimes, life is a breeze, we sail right through things. It is easy to have joy, and smile. Other times, life sucks the wind right out of you.  And then there are times, when you not really in one place or the other. Just tired, going through the motions, not really anything.  I tend to be more reflective in times like this.

I created this this picture verse collage, after reading Jesus Always, last week.  I have a dear family, that I love, whose 25 year older daughter took her on life on the 12th. So very hard to wrap my mind around this.  Lord, please touch them. Please love them. Please give me the words when I visit with them this week.  Thank you for my children, and grandchildren.  B0C44755-10C0-43AE-810B-39B29E9A72A7.JPG


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