Who are we?


This is an amazing letter, and so true:

Thanks to the exponential growth of disrespect for things we hold sacred, all of which is justified by “Freedom of Speech” or “Freedom of Press,” we are now a society with no restraint, no filter, no lines. Anything is acceptable to say to anyone in any place about anything. Now, it is okay to disrespect the National Anthem. It is okay to disrespect religion. We are now inadvertently teaching our children that kindness is old school. Anger is trending. This is a form of civil war between the ignorant and the civilized. You, your family and those who read this letter must know we the civilized Americans are still here. We are not moving to Europe or Canada. We are not giving up on America. We will wholeheartedly support our next President. I will be just as angry if similar insults, inappropriate comments are made about him and his family when he is leaving the office. I do not believe in insults. I do not believe in violence. I do not believe in racism, discrimination or division. I believe in America. 

I am an American, I may not  like the president, or his policies, as has happened many times in the past, but I will respect him, because It is right.  I will not spew hate on social media. I believe we are teaching our children to hate…regardless of which side of the political spectrum we are on. This last year I have heard “passionate” people be quite disrespectful towards candidates and those that support them, that may not have been their choice. 
We live in such an “entitlement” society. Everyone needs the last word… I believe that we can disagree without being disagreeable… we can disagree and still respect eachother. 


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