Oct 27, 2016 How it started….

THERE  are times I really need to write…. this could be one….. names will be removed, as I have some investigating to do….  but it all started the middle of October 2016.  I could not take it anymore. Our lifestyle was wearing on us both. We eitherdidn’t have the money, or the time to do what needed to be done with the property.  For some reason it was my fault that things didn’t get done….

By chance Caroline posted a listing un Tulare.  We started a conversation. She offered to run comps on the property.  I didn’t share this information with Craig, because I didn’t want to deal a with all of the plans he had for the property.  

Fast foward to Thursday, Oct. 27th.  she left a message to tell me the numbers were coming in pretty strong, could she meet me Saturday? Just by coincident, Barabara called to talk about the property across the street from the high school.  Maybe this is confirmation that it is time?      


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