My prayer

Dear Lord, Please help me to be unveiled before You and before my husband. I am becoming more aware of the need to make myself fully known to You and to my husband. As I remain unveiled, please transform me and help me embrace Your role for me as a wife. Thank You so much for caring about me in such great ways. I love You, God! I am so thankful that You sent Your Son so I could be set free! I pray that I am an unveiled wife, a wife who continually seeks after You! I pray that I would be transparent in my relationship with my husband, that I would be willing to share my whole heart, without holding anything back. Please fill me with Your courage and Your truth. The enemy is so good at infusing my heart with lies, convincing me to hide, convincing me to remain isolated and broken, convincing me that I am not good enough to radiate Christ. I claim freedom. May Your Holy Spirit write Your truth on my heart so much that there would be no room for any lies. May Your precious will be done in me and through me. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!


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