​“@ unveiledwife Marriage is not just to make me happy, but to make me holy.” #WifeAfterGod

We are not to do whatever we want. 

Our wedding was a covenant, where I was set apart for my husband.
Marriage gives us ample opportunity to grow and mature.

Refinement happens when we  intentionally  choose to accept marriage as a way for God to transform us.


How marraige reflects Gods love 

Didn’t know what this devotional would be about… But I am thrilled God led me to it.

  I dont think I have ever truely grasped the concept of how marraige mirrors the relationship between Jesus and the church. I am guilty of allowing so much pride, justification and heart issues to get in the way.   It really doesnt apply to just husband and wife relationships, but to all relationships.

  • Pride tempts us to withhold
  • Intellect tries to justify
  • Heart attempts ro manipulate.  We need to fight our flesh ….