#SheReadsTruth #SRTLent

An excerpt from today’s reading:

But our God is fierce and awesome in His pursuit. There was never any chance of Jonah hiding from Him. Even the inanimate dice the sailors used to cast lots pointed to Jonah as the one running from God (Jonah 1:7). All creation seemed to be shouting, “Return!” In the face of the deafening storm and sure signs, the sailors feared for their lives, and looked to Jonah with eyes of blame and hands ready to give him the heave-ho. God uses wind and waves, pennies and dice; everything in creation stands by to obey its Creator. When we read about His greatness, we’re left in awe and wonder. But in real life, it can all be so terrifying in the moment. God’s pursuit is relentless exactly because He is so loving

God pursues us because He loves us.  He pursued me, through so many trials. I vividly recall Him following? Speaking into my life,  daily. Speaking words to me, that as a child both awed me and terrified me.  I was certain that the world would end in my lifetime.  Well, in my 30s, it hasn’t yet, but very well may still happen. 

Some people remember  experiences such as this, some don’t.   I believe that God pursues everyone, passionately, but in our sin, we are able to quiet the call.  Forgive me father, for quieting the call on my life.  Thank you for sending some to feed into my life, to introduce me to church, and to pray for me.  I don’t even know who all of those people are, but thank you.  I do know that Mrs. Guyton was one of them…. please bless her and Bud…..

I also pray that you would draw Miranda and Deven as you did me… protect them, but bring them to you.

Undeserved Grace


#SheReadsTruth #SRTLent

Today’s reading was on the parable of the lost son. My heart jumped with joy for a moment, as I read bout the father running out to the lost son.  I pray I will be able to do that with my children.  I can identify with the Father, in the desire to give to my children. I can also understand the heart ache when they are away,and the abundance of joy when they return.  

Lord Jesus, draw their hearts back to you, that they would receive your joy for eternity.

Seek 1st to Understand


How often do we sprout off, before understanding?  Great devotional from refresh your marraige in 31 days

“I like listening to you”

Every conversation can be dissected into six elements:
What I said.
What you said.
What I thought I had said.
What I thought you had said.
What you thought I had said.
What you thought you had said.

Most misunderstandings stem from the fact that people are bad at listening. And yet God has made a clear sign in creation. He has given us one mouth, but two ears. It would look really stupid to have to mouths where we have our ears and one ear underneath the nose. God obviously gave this a lot of thought.

Dear dude, please remember this: Your girl quite often only wants to share her sorrows and needs with you without hearing your cool advice. So prick up your ears, listen to her (without your thoughts digressing to the goal of the month), look into her beautiful eyes and give her your full attention. That’s love! This creates trust and a sense of deep acceptance.

Give your spouse fifteen minutes in which your mouth is having a break and your ears are fully open.