It is almost time to start Whole30.  I have been planning, and actually doing a pretty good job at eating Whole30 foods.

This morning, I made eggs.with sweet peppers, and turkey patties that tasted like sausage.

This is today’s lunch….


Deli turkey meat
Balsamic vinegar

Off to grocery shop.

She reads truth

Kingdom Praying in Scripture

This is a beautiful passage of scripture, right? Often quoted, we can recite it when we’re worried about money, our bodies, our health, our clothes, our status, our EVERYTHING. But sometimes we are so close up to these lives, so zoomed in, it’s hard to even see the bigger picture of what Jesus might have been getting at in His words.

Look at those birds, He said. Can you picture him pointing to a massive flock? You are like one of those. Let me repeat. Your are like ONE of those. Now, imagine we’re in some super cool middle school science video where we can zoom our perspective out and fly above the birds, then above the neighborhood, above the city. How many more flocks of birds do you see? Lots, right? Keep going above the city, over your state and then your nation and continent and the whole globe. How many swarms of birds are there? How many different species? Research will tell us we can barely guestimate how many there are on earth, but we’re looking at roughly 100 billion. And they are ALL sustained and cared for by the Father.

So of course we shouldn’t worry, but do we see the bigger picture? Being a part of God’s Kingdom is nothing like being a part of a flock of birds. He has set the universe, the earth up in a manner that it doesn’t need His constant overseeing, saving, redeeming – but He has made humans entirely different. He has made us different: we need Him daily, rely on Him, need to be in relationship with Him – the whole species of us. And not only that, but He tells us that we – our singular little bird self in the midst of the billions, we have Kingdom weight. We can pray for the other billions, care for them, and seek the good of the whole mass. All at once, we can have an incredibly personal and beautiful relationship with our Father and a Kingdom-minded heart that beats for the spiritual battles being waged before us and above us and on the other side of the world.

So – no, don’t worry about what you’re going to wear or eat or drink. Not just because He already has taken care of that, but because if you’ll just zoom out and let Him show you the bigger picture, you’ll realize the beauty of being Kingdom minded. Seeking first His Kingdom for most of us will mean ceasing to seek for our own and asking Him to lift our eyes to something much bigger, much higher, much closer to His heart. Join the SheReadsTruth Community: http://bit.ly/15mCgWM